Monday, April 27, 2015

Our Oregon Home

Gracie And Karen on a Walk
Family Walk
Happy Ladies
Recently we reached 9 months in Oregon.  It really is beginning to feel like home.  God has been really good to us in so many ways. Karen is excelling at her job, and even received an award from her employer for her successes.  Gracie is growing up so fast and just celebrated her second birthday. She has discovered the joy of music that borders at times on obsession.  Karen and I have no idea where that comes from!  I continue to progress through AMT school, which I am enjoying. I am also continuing to flight instruct at Hillsboro Aero Academy

Here are some photos of our adventures from recent months:

Astoria, OR
View from the Cockpit in Astoria, Oregon, where the Columbia River enters the Pacific Ocean
Mt. Hood
Mt. Hood and Mt. Hood Reflected

Part of an Airplane Alternator
Jet Engine
A Jet Engine

Jacking an Aircraft
Classmates Working on an Airplane

Joe and Aven
My Taiwanese Flight Student
Karen and Gracie Swinging
A Beautiful Spring Day in Oregon

Of course we have struggles too. Our busy lives leave us with limited time to spend together as a family. There are always those tough days at work or for me at school. We also miss our family and old friends from Pullman. Through all, we take comfort in the words of the apostle Paul and say with him, "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me." And we are not alone.  We have been blessed in finding a good church (Village Baptist) and to develop a new network of friends here both among classmates and at church. We also know and greatly appreciate that many of you are praying for us as we pursue God's will for our family.  

Looking ahead, we have exciting events scheduled for later in the year. On our summer break from school in late August to early September Karen and I will be visiting Ecuador for two weeks with Mission Aviation Fellowship (MAF).  This trip will allow us to evaluate our skills and aptitudes as they relate to mission aviation in general and MAF in particular. We would appreciate your prayers that logistics would work out as we prepare for this journey. If you would like to financially support our trip through a donation to MAF, a special donation page has been set up for this purpose: