Frequently Asked Questions

We are asked the same questions repeatedly, so here are some answers to those burning questions that everyone seems to have!

  • Why did you sell your airplane; could you not have used it for the missionary work?
    • There are several reasons that it's not cut out for missionary work: 1. It's not big enough; it hauls less than 1000 lbs and 3 other people besides the pilot. 2. It's not made to land on rough ground like the airstrips in the areas we will serve.  It is more like a sports car, made to go fast on smooth roads, whereas the work we're doing requires an SUV or a pickup truck.
  • Will you be based in the USA?
    • No, we will all live together as a family in the area we serve. The airplanes I will be flying are not big enough or fast enough to be based far away from where they need to go, plus it would not be efficient to fly them far.  The idea is that the airplane is loaded with supplies and people in a place that has services and transportation infrastructure in the country of operation, and then I fly it to the outlying areas that don't have good transportation.  Usually this is all within a few hours.  
  • How long will you be there?
    • We are career staff with MAF.  We intend to be in Lesotho for many years and build long term relationships with the people there.  MAF has 17 bases around the world and it is possible that organizational or personal needs may dictate us to move from Lesotho to another location where MAF serves at some point. 
  • What kind of airplanes will you be flying?
    • Single engine airplanes that are made to seat 6 people or to haul a half a ton of cargo.  The airplanes need to be small to get into short landing strips.  
  • How can I get involved?
    • You can pray for us and for our family. 
    • You can financially support our ministry with MAF through onetime or ongoing donations.  Visit https://www.maf.org/adams and click on DONATE.   
  • How long are you going to be doing this?
    • We do not have a specific end-date in mind. Our commitment with MAF is open-ended and we hope to do it for many years.
    • We do visit the US approximately every 2 years for a few months  

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