About Missionary Aviation

What is "Missionary Aviation" Anyway?

Within a few years of the advent of the airplane, its value as a tool to accelerate the spread of gospel to unreached peoples in remote areas became clear. An example is Nate Saint, whose story is chronicled in the movie End of the Spear

Today, the role of the aircraft in the spread of the gospel has taken on an even wider role.  Missionary aviation includes the flying of small aircraft in low infrastructure areas in support of missionaries, their families and the indigenous populations. Flights include transportation services, portage of supplies, medical evacuations and disaster relief. In addition, many missionary aviation agencies support their operations in support of their primary mission by offering transportation services for hire in the regions in which they operate. Very often the missionary pilot and his or her plane provide the safest and most cost effective transportation available. 

In the course of all operations, integrity and selfless service to the Savior gives the missionary pilot many opportunities to witness when people ask for "a reason for the hope that is in you."

Links with more information about mission agencies

  • Mission Aviation Fellowship (MAF), one of the largest missionary aviation agencies, partners with over 600 other organizations to share the love of Jesus through aviation and technology so that isolated people may be physically and spiritually transformed: About MAF
  • JAARS, a logistical support mission for Wycliffe Bible Translators: JAARS
  • The aviation support group for Africa Inland Mission: AIM Air 
  • Ethnos 360 Mission Aviation (formerly New Tribes Mission Aviation): Ethnos 360 Aviation

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